Embrace Happiness

Embrace Happiness

A practical and step-by-step life coaching approach to rediscovering happiness and success

Life Coach - My Happiness Story

What to Expect

Through a tailor-made life coaching process, you will experience realignment with nature, yourself, and the people around you. With your coach’s help, you will learn how to identify conflict points and how to deal with them. You will learn how to embrace happiness and immerse yourself in a world that you have control.

Embrace Happiness is a dynamic coaching process, in which, both sides, the coach and you, work together to build and develop the knowledge and skills that you need.  

As a result, you will be able to take control and create balance, you know what you want and how to achieve it.

Start writing Your story.

Your Happiness Journey

It is not “a target” we are seeking, nor a destination; it is The Way in which we are marching. Our knowledge and awareness will start small, but it will grow gradually and steadily, like a Spiral moving upwards and outwards. It will glow brighter on each step. At first, you will see tiny sparks in the dark, but going up the spiral, you will see blazing lights.


Where You Are

You spend some time looking around to see where you are now, what is happening, who is there, and what is impacting your life.


Where You Want to Go

Defining your preferred future is another key milestone in our journey. You identify and clearly define where you want to go.


Your Resources

In your journey, your coach will help you leverage all the strengths and resources you have, in yourself, your family, friends, etc.


Plan of Action

From “where you are” to “where you want to go”, we will plan together a step-by-step action plan with your coach guiding you along the way.


Progress Monitoring

Your coach is with you in your journey, providing guidance and helping you closely monitor your progress as you create bigger and bigger success

How Embrace Happiness is Different

Happy Clients

Happy Clients

More than 2 decades of happy clients!


Our well-designed step-by-step approach makes seemingly impossible targets achievable



We work together, we learn together, we build together

Meaningful Results

Meaningful Results

Achieve meaningful results. See the change as it happens in your life

Root in Dao

Rooted in
Eastern Philosophy

Based on the eternal and timeless philosophy of Dao

Western Science

Enriched by
Western Science

Based on extensive research in Cybernetics, Behaviour Science, Psychology, System Dynamics, etc.

SPIRAL Approach

Enabled by
SPIRAL™ Approach

Our time-tested approach to guide you take control and create success

Dynamic Mediation

Supported by
Dynamic Mediation™

Extended expertise in managing complex disputes and high-conflict situations

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Embrace Happiness
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